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RAI Rapid Heroin Detox with Naltrexone Induction

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Implementation of ultra rapid detoxification with Naltrexone induction has begun with the aim to tighten security, speed up the process and reduce the costs of medical care. The application of this method of detoxification from heroin has started immediately after

the clinical researches conducted in some of the best clinics in the USA, UK and Australia. It is an improved technology for detoxifying the cells from heroin under sedation and analgesia while placing a Naltrexone implant at the same time.

Experienced medical doctors believe that it is better to prevent the withdrawal syndrome (cold turkey) than to cure it. Thus, all necessary measures to prevent problems related to withdrawal syndrome will be taken before cleansing the body by using opioid antagonists, i.e. Naltrexone implant Rehab kliniek Naltrexoneplacement, starts. In order to

avoid pain, soothe sleep, stabilize the vegetative nervous system, and prevent the patient from vomiting and diarrhea, the patient is provided with infusions of strong modern medications. The patient does not suffer, but sleeps.

A protective anti-opioid blocker has already been placed under the skin and there is no longer a possibility for consuming drugs. Tahnks to this rapid opiate detox the patient feels much more secure and peaceful, because all the negative things are behind them. The patient feels relaxed and tired, and does not experience a withdrawal syndrome. Rapid detoxification with Naltrexone induction takes 1 day, In some cases, an additional day or two are needed for complete return of strength and activity. Some patients choose to spend this period in a stationary or day hospital under the control of medical staff, while others save time and money and go home immediately.

In any case, the patients take their individual therapy for some time in order to stabilize mood and sleep. Besides that, the patients can start holistic therapy sessions to activate their own endorphins. Some visit a psychologist or psychiatrist to start a new life and find themselves in this complicated world.

The advantages of RAI compared with ultra-rapid opiate detoxification:

- General anesthesia and special recovery are not needed after the application of RAI.
- The whole process takes one day (two nights are spent in hospital) and the patient can go home.
- A Naltrexone-blocker is placed under the skin and there is no internal struggle and subconscious stress.

The disadvantages of RAI opiate detox method:
- It is not applicable when it comes to detoxification of Methadone, Substitol, Compensan and other synthetic drugs with extended effect. It has shown excellent results with patients who quit heroin, tramadol, lower doses of buprenorphine (Subutex, Suboxone).
- It is very important to inform the medical doctor discretely about the exact substances and doses, so that heroine detoxification can go easily and painlessly. It is also important to provide information on possible somatic and mental disorders.
All this makes the rapid detoxification with Naltrexone induction more accessible regarding the price and safety. The patients who do not want general anesthesia, have contraindications to the needle or simply cannot afford that method, choose RAI.


The most popular and the most demanded form of maintenance therapy nowadays is one of the Naltrexone implants forms. There is a Naltrexone-depot pellet (Naltrexone implant) for under skin insertion or a Naltrexone-depot in oil (Nalrexone injection); it became possible to protect opiate receptors, which means that a person becomes protected from relapse of an addiction cycle. Naltrexone is FDA approved and it started a real revolution in the drug addiction treatment. Naltrexone depo in the form of hard implants or liquid injection form allows abstinence prolongation as much as required.

We offer tested Naltrexone implants of USA production (made by inventor) at the lowest prices in Europe.

Naltrexone-depot implants have from 3 to 12 months long effect. The small implant is then placed just under the skin in the lower abdomen, through a 1,5 cm surgical cut. The Naltrexone implant will entirely dissolve and disappear in the period of 3, 6 or 12 months releasing the necessary quantity of Naltrexone into the blood stream. The Naltrexone medication that is constantly released from the implant has a very strong affinity to the opiate receptors and after detoxification, will attach to the now empty receptors to help with cravings and block all opiates at the receptor site, so they don’t have any effects and feelings. If an ex addict were to use opiates while medicated with Naltrexone, they would not experience the effects of the drug. Naltrexone is non-addictive and does not cause withdrawal when one stops the medication.

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